Second post about writing up on the Black Gate blog

Well, I accidentally hit “Publish,” so my latest blog at the Black Gate site is now live! Provided John, the editor, doesn’t hate it and take it down, you can read it right now!

Because this series is focused on new writers, I’m trying to give them lots of tools and exercises to cut down on worrying about where to get ideas or how to get started.This one’s called “Three Paths to a Story.”

(Here’s a link to the first blog I did there: “Homework Every Day“.)

So this Paths entry gives writers three different approaches to organizing a story. The best thing you can do is try a bunch of different ways to see what works best for you. Experiment!

And all the tips in my article relate to novel-writing, too.

Go, read, and write! I got in 2300 words this morning on my current novel, and it was a blast. Always nice to hit your stride in a project.

UPDATED TO ADD: The name of the series is “Climbing Aboard the Dragon” (the dragon being Publishing, of course). Sweet!

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