IN MAPS & LEGENDS Commentary (page 13)

And here we go with lucky page 13 of IN MAPS & LEGENDS (and as luck would have it, I’m coming up on my 13th wedding anniversary with my lovely wife Elizabeth). Go thirteen!


After the somewhat rapid-fire action of the past few pages set in Kait’s apartment, this page slows things down just a bit — fewer panels, and some more inner monologue with Kait. And those weird sound effects come back — the same kind of non-music beat Kait heard way back on page 1. Except she’s not the only one hearing it this time…

Favorite image: As much as I love Jeremy’s pose in panel 3, I have to show my love for panel 5, because it turned out just the way I’d imagined it in my head. Nice work, Niki! Each character is poised, about to do something (although I think Bartamus is in the process of actually doing… something — more on that below!)

Insider knowledge: Okay, let’s use some of the Zuda tools for this one. Down on the black panel at the bottom of the comic you can see some buttons. First, click the Full screen button. And then put your mouse down by zoom out and drag that little red slider thingie so you can see panel 5 up close. Now that you’ve made the art super-big, enjoy the textures Niki’s put into the art.

And then, check out a certain someone’s left hand.

Cool, huh?

Can’t wait to see what people think of this page, and looking forward to page 14 next week! Don’t forget to login at Zuda and favorite and rate our comic, and we always, always appreciate your comments. Thanks!

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