The MAPS story continues, and then some

I’ve been remiss about updating regularly, but now that IN MAPS & LEGENDS has finally launched and is running on its weekly schedule, I’ve have to stop and get caught up on other stuff. There’s always another project waiting in the wings.

Plus I am TIRED of doing promo stuff for the comic. I think I got the word out as best I could, as did Niki on the art front (check out more of her MAPS work here).

But I had to share the news that page 10 of MAPS is up at the Zuda site! This is one of my favorite pages, for the amazing art (those colors! that interesting old fella climbing the mountain!) and the rest of this image:

Go read, favorite the comic, and leave a comment.

Also, check out the other comics at Zuda. They’ve got some great stuff there, like AZURE, I RULE THE NIGHT, LILY OF THE VALLEY, ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDE, CELADORE, and the usual suspects of HIGH MOON and BAYOU. And more…!

Finally, as of yesterday, Niki is caught up to the end of page 20, which ends chapter 1 of our comic (with a BANG!). You are in for a treat with the art in the next ten pages. I think her art gets better with each panel, and it was pretty damn awesome to start with.

As for me, I am all caught up with the story and script for “Season 1” — that takes us up to page 60. After we get the okay from Zuda editorial, Niki can continue working on the art, and I can start thinking about Season 2 and 3. But we only get “renewed” if we have enough fans and interest in the comic, so do spread the word and leave comments at the site, please!

And now I can start working on the half-dozen other projects I have scattered ’round here…

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