IN MAPS & LEGENDS: The Story Continues, at Last

Picture this:

A man you’ve never seen before goes for a hike on a mountain no human has ever climbed:

A rustic bridge takes shape before your very eyes, high above a rocky crevice almost half a mile down:

You watch an old friend try to lend a hand, only to have her world turned upside-down:

The one you suspect is responsible for it all makes a futile effort to stop the chaos, but the events now have a momentum of their own:

And a young woman you know only as Kait finds herself in possession of skills she’d never imagined in this world, and perhaps another…

The adventure, mystery, and magic continue with screen 9 of IN MAPS & LEGENDS, starting May 27th and running every Thursday at DC Comics’ online imprint, Zuda Comics. So climb aboard and hold on tight!

(cross-posted to the Zuda Collective blog)

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