Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose?

After sitting in the circle for a while, waiting for someone to tap my head and say “Goose” instead of the same old “Duck,” I can finally get up and give chase.

In other words, I have some good news to report.

First off, my SF novel The Wannoshay Cycle is going to be reprinted! John Teehan at the brand-new Merry Blacksmith Press will have a trade paperback version of my near-future novel about aliens taking up residence in the Midwest of America and Canada. Look for it in June. The press is also publishing fine work by authors Tim Pratt and Ron Collins, so I’m in great company.

Next, my dark fantasy/rural fantasy novel A Gathering of Doorways will be available as an eBook very soon from publisher Wildside Press. I have all my other books in eBook format (see my Store for more info), but not this one, because I’d sold the electronic rights.

Luckily, John at Wildside was very open to making the book available electronically (especially when I emailed him the copy-edited manuscript, which made his job much, much easier). I’ll add some links when the eBook is out.

Lastly, IN MAPS & LEGENDS, the webcomic I created with artist Niki Smith officially launches over at DC Comics’ Zuda imprint in a week or so — right now the unofficial official release date is “mid-May.” Hard to believe it’s been half a year since the insanity of the November competition. I can’t wait to share page 9 and the other pages Niki has drawn — the art will knock you out.

I also have some other bits of interesting news, but it’s too early to say anything about any of it other than “Woo!” as well as “Whew!”

It’s funny how you go so long without any news or anything cool to report, and then in a week or so, everything starts popping. Like popcorn!

(I was gonna title this entry “Drought, Drought, Drought, Flood,” but the flooding in Nashville changed my mind. Go here for a great site that supports this flooded city.)

2 thoughts on “Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose?

  1. Looking forward to eBook version of Gathering of Doorways. I have several friends with Kindles who are wating with bated breath after I told them how good it is.


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