Free Comic Book Day: We Survived!

So we made it to two comics stores today — both branches of Capitol Comics here in Raleigh. And it was the three Jasper boys — me, Drew, and Mitch / Robin / Wolverine:

Yep, we brought Mitch along, and he had a blast. Everyone loved his costume (he lost the claws and the mask almost immediately.

Comic Shop Guy, on our way out with our haul: “Keep up the good work, Robin!”

Me, herding Mitch and Drew out the door: “He will, after his nap.”

And all told, we picked up fifteen comics and two trade paperbacks. Not bad at all. And the kids were entertained all the way home…

12 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day: We Survived!

    1. Lessee — total haul:

      Three Sonic comics for Drew (ugh! – terrible writing and art), a Scooby Doo comic, Shrek and Madagascar’s Penguins (a flip book!), Fractured Fables, Bongo Comics, Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock, another Fraggle Rock, Tiny Titans, DC Kids, Wall-E, and Toy Story for Mitch (and Drew)

      Drew carried his comics around with him all day. So cool.

      For me — War of the Supermen (why not, right?), Magnus/Dr. Solar, a Del Rey Sampler, and the two trades — Chew and Unwritten.


    1. When it’s three freebies per person, and there’s three of ya, you can rack up the goodies! But I also bought some stuff I wanted to get to show the comic shop love, too! 🙂


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