A Chapter Every Two Days…

I’ve been stuck for a while now on my current novel, and that always puts me in a foul mood. I was supposed to be churning out  5-6 pages a day this month, and I’ve been sputtering instead. Stuck.

I’m not sure why I’ve been stuck, unless it’s a bit of burnout after the craziness of the past 1/2 year, ever since my workshop in October, followed by the wild and wooly Zuda competition in November. And working non-stop on my other projects since that time. Plus the day job. And keeping up with the family… Chasing our five-year-old and two-year-old…

Yeah, I could be a bit fried. I got up this morning to type and just stared at the words on the screen. I have a fun scene featuring three werewolves to write, for crying out loud! This is cool stuff here. I ended up reading a short story instead of writing my own stuff.

But I need to write. I get really grumpy if I’m not working on something (just ask my wife and kids!).  So I came up with a strategy — something simple to push and pull me through my morning writing time.

Finish a chapter every two days.

Sounds crazy, but the catch is that the book I’m working on is young-adult, so the chapters are going to be short. And since I’m trying to write 6 pages a day, a 12-page chapter would be considered LONG in this kind of book.

So it’s a win-win situation. Let’s see how it plays out — I’m just starting chapter 12 now, and I want to finish that chapter and chapter 13 by the end of my writing time on Friday.

Hold me to it.

5 thoughts on “A Chapter Every Two Days…

  1. So far, so good — finished up some more pages on the comic script and sent ’em off, and wrote about 800 more pages on the novel! Almost done with ch. 12. Banging away on the words, and it feels good.


  2. ALMOST finished up chapter 13 today. But one of my secondary characters suddenly got REALLY chatty. Some fun scenes in this chapter. SHould finish it up tomorrow… So far, so good. Having FUN.


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