April’s Mad Drafting Dash

Okay, I really had to ponder whether I was going to post this entry, as I’ve crashed and burned on these kind of things MANY times in the past, but…

I want to do another mad drafting month. Like a NaNoWriMo, but on my own. Nobody but me versus me.

I just hit the 100-page mark on my young-adult, small-town werewolf novel, and I want to finish this sucker this month. Before May 1, that is.

Which means I have about 200 pages more to write. Or 46,000 more words to hit an even 70,000 (okay, that sounds like a lot when I put it that way!). Which breaks down to about 7-8 pages a day, or 1800-2000 words a day.

I didn’t think I’d be able to even attempt that, but I have hope — I finally finished the chapter I’d been stuck on for quite a while this morning, and I’ve got a rough outline that has me pretty stoked to keep on drafting, just to see what happens. Alas, I had a lot of terrible stuff planned for my poor protagonist…

So please, follow along and  feel free to cheer and jeer as needed, please! Let’s see if I can get this puppy drafted in April!

Oh, and how ’bout some feedback on titles? Right now I’m using “Family, Pack” as the tentative title. But I also like “Wolf Moon” or “Hunger Moon.” Thoughts???

7 thoughts on “April’s Mad Drafting Dash

  1. Looks like we’re in the same boat, I’m trying to finish my YA book this month too! I got behind last month but I’m about 120 pages in with an estimated finished count of 90,000 words. According to my writing schedule that gives me 28 days, needing 2,186 words per day.

    I like “Family, Pack”. It’s funny.


  2. Good goals! You always have worked better under pressure or with a deadline.
    Like your titles. I have not read any of this story so makes it hard to think of something but I did – “Sing to the Moon” or “Moon Singer”. Kind of lame.
    Happy Easter!


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