Update, and Read an eBook Week

Yikes, time for a journal entry, looks like. Who said it was okay for it to be March already? Sheesh.

I’ve been keeping busy, chasing the kids and getting outdoors whenever possible, trying to find some time to hang out with Elizabeth, and keeping up with the ol’ Day Job and even getting out of the house in the morning to do some walking and jogging. Oh, and trying to squeeze in some writing here and there.

We’ve got the first 40 or so pages of our webcomic In Maps & Legends scripted out, and Niki, my collaborator, has given me some great feedback on those pages to make them much, much better.

She even has me doing some art (art that nobody else will see, thank goodness). I’m been doing some thumbnail sketches of various pages, to better show how I want them laid out. Maybe I’ll share some of them. Think stick figures, with attitude.

We’re hoping the comic will go live by the end of March, but it may be early April instead, depending on the Zuda schedule. Either way, I’m way pumped up. I’ll be sharing some comic tidbits as the release day approaches, including what I’ve learned as a comics writer (which is probably enough to fill a small book).

I’m also gearing up to do some word-crunching for my YA werewolf novel, which to sit on the back burner for most of February. But while it was sitting there, I had it on Low, so it could simmer slowly. Got some great ideas for the middle section last week, along with the ending. It’s all coming together.

As research, I took Elizabeth on a date to see “New Moon” at the local second-run theater, Raleighwood (where you can get munchies and BEER!). Apparently, three dozen pre-teen girls had the same idea. You never heard so much giggling and gasping. I guess girls of that age react that way when young men take off their shirts. Who knew?

I did feel very OLD at that movie. But it was fun. Still think Jacob’s better than Edward, too.

And last but not least, now that I have my eBooks online and for sale, I want to announce that I’ll be taking part in “Read an E-Book Week” with publisher Smashwords. All my books there will be on sale for half price, in a ton of different eBook formats. Check it out! I dropped a few bucks off the prices of all my books at my various e-publising sites, so you can get ’em for just a few bucks — some for 99 cents! For a limited time, of course — the Read an E-Book Week lasts from today to next Saturday.

So get those eBooks while they’re cheap!

The running total for my eBook sales is over $10 now. So I can buy at least TWO fancy coffee drinks with my income. 🙂 But the great thing is that all my work on those eBooks is done. I can just sit back and let the profits come (please, profits, come!). So far, my romance novel is proving to be the hottest seller. Who knew?

Now, to go check out those silly Oscars…

1 thought on “Update, and Read an eBook Week

  1. Sounds like you have busy…as usual!! We can’t believe it is March either! Time just seems to fly. It can’t be that we are getting older!!?? Best of luck with the e-books!! Maybe you could use some profits for a trip to Iowa in mid June??
    Hugs and kisses to all!!!


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