By the Book (or, Buy My eBooks!)

Hey, what can I say? I like some truth in title-ing.

For the past week or two, I’ve put my writing projects on hold, more or less, so I could finish a project I’ve been wanting to dive into for months: converting my older work into eBooks.

You can see the results of my hard labors in my Store.

I never ever want to format another novel or story collection again. That is evil work that will make you crazy. Especially if you’re using Microsoft Word. Aieeeee!

But I digress.

If you’re looking to fill your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader, Palm, or other device, or just want to read on your computer, you can also check out my pages at Smashwords, Scribd, and

Because time are changing, folks. I’m not sold on the fact that paper books are going away any time soon, but more and more people are getting comfy with the idea of reading something electronically. And for an author, that’s a great thing, because I’m more than happy to sell you my books and stories, at a greatly reduced rate from the cost of a hardcover.

Why? The way I figure it, if you like my stuff, you may want to get a paper version, too. You may just use your electronic version to sample my fiction, then take the plunge with the “real” version, made from dead trees.

Either way, everyone wins. Welcome to the future. It’s been a long time coming!

4 thoughts on “By the Book (or, Buy My eBooks!)

  1. Formatting for digital is straight from the devil. I was supposed to format several issues of Fantasy Magazine to be turned into e-books. Every time I finished, Microsoft went in and turned it upside down! Eventually gave it to someone else to do.

    Great meeting you at the BullSpec party!


    1. Oh yeah — I lost way too much writing time to formatting issues with those ebooks. But they’re making a (tiny) bit of money now, mostly at Smashwords.

      Nice to meet you too! Sorry there wasn’t more time to chat before it all got rolling.


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