One more note about sending your work out

My brain is a bit fried from sending off a bunch of emails and doing market research stuff for novels (this is how I spend my day off! working!). So I’m gonna quote from a fine interview with James Lee Burke instead. Because Burke says it much better than I could (thanks to the Oregon Writers Network mailing list for the link and quotes!).

From an article about author James Lee Burke:

[Burke] wrote steadily and developed a system for dealing with the rejection of his short stories. After receiving a rejection notice, he gave himself 36 hours to get the story back in the mail and off to another magazine. He’s used the same system for 45 years.

“If you keep your story at home, you’re insured to lose,” he says.

Great advice, and I like that short deadline to get a story back in the mail. With electronic subs, you can do it even faster.

And that’s all I got to say ’bout that. Stepping away from the laptop, now.

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