January Wrap-Up (warning, numbers ahead!)

As it’s already the start of a new month(!), I thought I’d take a moment or two to look at the some quick notes from Servo the spreadsheet, who does my numbers for me:

January 2010:

  • 27,500 new words written
  • 60 hours spent writing those words
  • approximately 86 pages written, which includes:
    • 35 “screens” or pages of the webcomic scripted out
    • 8 chapters and 65 pages of the baby werewolf novel written
  • Only 6 days where I didn’t do any writing at all
  • And just 6 days out of the 25 writing days where I didn’t hit 1,000 words minimum
  • Best day of writing? 3400 words on January 14 (then I promptly caught a nasty cold that I’m just now getting over)
  • 15 short stories still out on submission (probably a dozen story rejections in there, too, but I don’t — I mean, Servo doesn’t track those!)
  • 19 queries/partials/full manuscripts for my various novels still out there on editors’ desks

So, what can I make of these numbers?

First of all,  I like that I was averaging about 2 hours a day for writing new stuff. Even if I didn’t write every day. So that means I’m getting faster, more efficient, and hopefully better.

And I’m making good progress — I just sent off chapter two of the comic to Niki, the artist, and I’m already thinking of what to do in chapter three. After that chapter’s done, I’ll jump back to the baby werewolf novel.

And as for February? Off to a good start — 1400 words for day 1!

4 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up (warning, numbers ahead!)

  1. WOW!! As always I am amazed by your passion to write!! I have to admit it makes me feel a bit inadequate. You are SO lucky to have that ability. Keep up the great work!!
    Love ya, The Meyers


  2. Mike, what a way to start off the year! You are doing great! I also have a book for you to autograph when we get together next time. One of my co-workers ordered it and sent it to my address so I could have you sign it for her. She ordered 2 different books but had one sent to her house so she had one to read now.


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