Reading, Watching, Writing Update

In an effort to get my lazy self blogging again (oh man, I used that word! Blogging!), I thought I’d talk about some of the cool stuff I’ve been reading as well as good movies or TV shows I’ve been watching, as well as the usual topic — what I’m writing.

So here goes:

Reading: Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics: Preludes and Nocturnes, The Doll’s House, and Dream Country. I’m on the last story of the third collection, and thoroughly enjoying how Gaiman turned comics on their ear (I still can’t get over the fact that he was writing these amazing stories when he was barely thirty). I love the interconnectedness of all the stories, which makes reading them all at once a wonderful experience. Very inspirational as I work on my own writing.

Also, you feel like you’re in good hands with Gaiman’s world — that he knows exactly what he’s doing when he drops in a secondary character in issue #4, then comes back to that same character a dozen comics later to show what’s happened to him or her.

I’m surprised, too, at how many issues are mostly just two characters TALKING to each other. And you’re gripped as you read it. Fine writing, folks.

My only quibble is the inking — it feels very inconsistent, and I think if the artists had inked their own art, the book would’ve looked so much better.

Watching: “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist” — I had low expectations for  this one, and it’s by no means a groundbreaking flick, but the characters were sweet, and the quest for the drunk girl with the curative gum was a lot of fun, and a great way to tell the story. I really liked the female lead in the movie, Kat Dennings, though I do find Michael Cera a little creepy (but doesn’t everyone?)

We’re also gearing up to watch some of the first season of “Lost” again, and watch all the bonus stuff, to help inspire some crazy shit in my head as I work on the script to “In Maps & Legends.” The comic has a good bit of “Lost” in it. Along with a million other things. So going back to the island, with its rabid polar bears and the smoke monster and the Others, will be a fun bit of pseudo-research.

We also really enjoyed “The Hangover,” me more than Elizabeth, of course, because it’s a perfect Guy Movie. What I really loved was how we had to piece together the story along with the characters. Great setup, and I loved the photos as the credits rolled!

Writing: I’m currently juggling two projects at once, which is usually a recipe for disaster for my small, easy-to-explode brain. But, so far so good. No explosions.

I’m cranking away on the new words on the new novel, tentatively titled Family, Pack (yeah, I hate that title too!), also known as the “baby werewolf novel.” I just finished chapter 2 today, and I’m having a ball.

Also, I banged out both an overall synopsis for our online webcomic In Maps & Legends as well as a detailed outline for pages 9-60 of the comic (also known as the rest of Season One).

I’m now preparing the script, adding in panel descriptions for artist Niki Smith, so she can start adding her amazing artwork to the story she’s helped me concoct. It’s gonna be a fun couple of months, watching this comic come to life once more. Those first 8 pages have been getting lonely over at the Zuda site. Just wait ’til March!

2 thoughts on “Reading, Watching, Writing Update

  1. If “Maps & Legends” starts sporting werewolves, we’ll know what happened! Or not. I’m really looking forward to the rest of Season One. Do you ever find, as you’re writing, that you, too, are wondering what will happen, as though the storyline has a life of its own?


    1. Hey, Sarah! Sorry I missed your comments ’til today. You always have good things to discuss.

      I don’t think “Maps” has any werewolves, though… hmm… maybe…

      That whole feeling of “What’s gonna happen next?” is the best part of writing! Even if I have a rough idea of the ending, I’m always open to new twists or new turns. Those are often the best ones.


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