2010 Plans and Goals

Here’s a quick and dirty version of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2010, in case anyone’s interested…

  1. Write a couple novels. Starting a new one tomorrow!
  2. Market all finished novels until sold.
  3. Keep at least 15 stories in mail. Write a new one when one of those stories sells.
  4. Script out 1st 60 pages of our comic In Maps & Legends, then start on the next 60-120 pages (thinking postively here that we’ll get renewed!).
  5. Get my weight down to 215. Hello new Wii Fit and old jogging route!
  6. Get outta debt (especially the credit cards and student loans, all but the house payment, really).
  7. Read 24 books/anthos/comics. (Here’s my tentative reading list.)
  8. Write an all-new comic.
  9. Take the family to Disney World in December, and use money from my writing to pay for it.
  10. Have fun and take day trips with the fam!

Happy New Year!

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