Finishing, Starting Anew

It’s always good to finish projects. Nothing gets under my skin, in a slow, corrosive kind of way, more than unfinished novels or stories. Usually it’s a case of time, especially when working on a novel, and sometimes it’s a matter of energy or enthusiasm (hence those 10-20 unfinished stories in my files).

But in the past two months, I’ve been able to finish projects that I’ve been literally working on for YEARS.

The first was my YA fantasy novel, an idea I’d had many moons ago (as I’ve said countless times). I finally got that book into the shape I wanted it to be in, and sent it out to some editors. Wish it luck!

And the second was my baseball novel, which I’d first had the idea for way back in 1998. I drafted a version of it in 2004, tried to fix it a few times in the intervening years, and in November I gave it some new words and made it into the best possible book I could.

And suddenly, the skies opened up! I’d finished these books I’d been wanting to finish! I had a clean slate ahead of me for new projects.

So while I’m working on the next 52 pages of IN MAPS & LEGENDS with Niki in the next few months, I’ll also be writing some brand-spanking new stuff. Maybe a couple short stories, but most definitely a novel or two. Or three or four… 🙂

That’s exciting — writing something completely new. It’s like getting a fancy new notebook full of empty pages. You could go anywhere! Not a bad way to start off the new year (I’ll be spending the rest of this year in comic-writing mode).

Got any projects of yours you’re dying to have done and out there in the world? Tell me about it. Why do you think you’re stuck on it?

Go dust ’em off and get to work on ’em. Let me know how it goes!

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