Still at the top. Whew. And thanks!

Another ranking done and gone today (Zuda checks the ranks every Monday and Thursday around 5:30 p.m. EST). Our comic stayed at #1, which is awesome.

Huge, huge thanks to all our readers, and to people who helped get the word out. Ten thousand views is really amazing, for a little over two weeks of being online! Of course, some of those views just might have been me, checking the comments every now and then, but still… you get the picture.

So — thank you! It’s been a fun ride, and I’m really hoping to stay on top for the rest of November so we can continue this story.

It’s cool to look at these numbers, then flip back to the results from week one here:

Less than 11 days left of the competition! Will I have any hair left when this is over? We shall see…

4 thoughts on “Still at the top. Whew. And thanks!

  1. I suppose JimJamz has a point. I, too, had to read a while before I understood that the bottom long panel was a parallel series of actions. Perhaps a black bar (or red) separating the two … or the old standby of the mid Saturday afternoon cowboy oaters, “Back at the ranch” kind of comment.

    Still, though, it’s far from “shaky”–good, solid comic!


  2. Good feedback, Sarah. Actually, we sorta wanted that section on the bottom to be a little disorienting. Hopefully it wasn’t too frustrating. We wanted things to be weird, and induce that sensation in the reader.

    I thought the way Niki did the color gradients (getting darker in the bottom 1/3) set it off nicely. But yeah, every reader’s different.

    Thanks again for reading!


  3. Hey, thought I would chime in here as well as Facebook. I, too, was a bit disoriented, but the concept held true and kept me going panel after panel, and towards the end it was apparent that two different POV’s were converging.

    I read the synopsis at the Zuda site and now I wish I hadn’t — because I know this is going to be the winner and I would have rather learned some of the that as the story unfolded! But that has to be hard, figuring out what to include to sell the idea & What’s To Come to the readers to get their votes, at the risk of giving away too much.

    There does seem to be plenty of room for surprises, of course, and I can’t wait to see HOW what has been foretold actually resolves.

    As soon as I get a little time I plan on checking out some of your other stuff on this site, Mr. Jasper!


    1. Hi Chris — thanks so much for the feedback! I’m kicking myself for my over-long synopsis — that’s the one thing I felt I missed the bus on. I thought we were supposed to give a bigger picture of the story, and ended up telling too much.

      I’m surprised people even read those! I rarely do — I just wanna read the story. Hope it didn’t ruin TOO much of the fun that’s (hopefully) to come.

      I need to track down your Houdini comic — looks cool.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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