Excellent interview up at Hypergeek

Niki and I have an excellent interview up at the very cool Hypergeek website. It’s not excellent because of anything I said, let’s be honest here — it’s just that interviewer Edward Kaye had some great questions.

It’s quite an in-depth discussion of our online comic IN MAPS & LEGENDS and Zuda as well, along with some side chat about other stuff Niki is working on, and myself.

And you’ll get to find out the answer to THIS question:

“Do you have anything to say to Zuda fans sitting on the fence, and who have not yet cast their vote yet?”

I hope you’ll check it out, and as always remember to vote while the voting’s good over at Zuda! Every vote counts, as do the stars, the number of people who list us as a Favorite, and even the comments help. My stress-induced ulcer thanks you as well…

We’re getting down to the finish line on 11/30, and the race is tight. Thanks!

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