Comics Comment Contest: Name That Villain!

As the Zuda Comics competition moves into its second week, the comic created by Niki Smith and I continues to hold onto the #1 spot. We’d love to continue the comic, so we’re hoping you read IN MAPS & LEGENDS and voted, favorited it, clicked the stars, and even made a comment or two.

And we’re sure you told a friend or four about it as well, right? Thanks!

To encourage people to check out the site, and to also get some good discussions going on our comic’s page, we’re running a CONTEST for this week, starting RIGHT NOW.

The Rules:

  1. Check out our comic, of course.
  2. After voting, making it a favorite, and clicking as many stars as you want (we’re leaning toward FIVE!), scroll down to the Comments section.
  3. Scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the page until you hit the empty Comment box.
  4. Type a comment in the box. After you preview the comment, click Post.
    NOTE: You must be registered and logged into the Zuda site to comment.

Now for the fun part. We’ll randomly choose a comment made between noon today (11/10) and Friday (11/13) at 5 p.m. EST. The writer of that comment will get to name one of the villains in the upcoming pages of our comic.

So go, read, and comment away. No limit to how many times you can comment, and even if you’ve already made a comment before the contest started, you can make more. The more the merrier. Feel free to respond to other comments, or just state your own case.

Remember, the name of a villain rests in YOUR hands.

Happy commenting, and thanks again for reading!

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