Plunking down the words

Now that the dust has settled a bit for me with the launch of the first eight pages of our comic over at Zuda, and we’re doing pretty well in the competition, if I say so myself, it’s time to start working on some new projects.

I think I’ve finally finished up all the “marketing” work of submitting stories (got an even dozen stories out there right now, which is the most I’ve had in years!) and then polishing up proposals and cover letters so I can submit a novel or two to publishers. Got those done and out of the way as well.

I also created and updated and edited the heck out of my new Publishers Marketplace page. And I even added some “covers” to some stories available on the Kindle on my page. All good stuff to have done, but time-consuming!

I also went through all my notes from the Master Class, at last, and have a list of tasks yet to do. There’s always more books to read and related work to finish up.

But first… I’m itching to WRITE something. I’ve been doing all the business-related stuff for a couple weeks, and while that’s a necessary evil, I want to get back into regular word-wrangling.

So. I’m still fiddling with some ideas for the next 52 pages of the comic, in case we win (and even if we didn’t, I think we’d continue it and submit it elsewhere). I have a bunch of ideas mapped out, and feeling good about it.

I’m also diving into the fixes for the end of my baseball novel, The All Nations Team. I got some great ideas for the book at my workshop, but more than anything, something clicked for me there, and I know exactly what I want to do to fix up the ending.

So now I just have to get used to getting up at 4:30 a.m. again to get my two hours of uninterrupted writing time… Piece of cake, right?


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