“American Idol” Meets Batman. Or… Zuda!

I can hardly believe I’m making this journal entry. If I go all fanboy on you, feel free to smack me down. But…

I’m writing for DC Comics!

Okay, allow me to ‘splain.

Back in July, I worked with author Niki Smith on a comic script to be entered into the monthly competition for Zuda Comics. I took an old novel idea and cranked out a rough script. Never wrote a comic script before, but it was fun. I got to think like a film director, with a limitless set and endless special effects. It was an awesome learning experience.

Niki then took my script and created first some amazing character sketches. Then thumbnails. Then pencils. Then some amazingly crisp inks. Followed by the colored versions, which knocked me out of my chair.

Then we entered them into the contest. And waited. And waited. And now, at last, here’s the big news:

"In Maps and Legends" by Niki Smith and Michael JasperOur comic, “In Maps and Legends,” is live on the Zuda Comics site!

Zuda is the online comics line from DC Comics, the same folks who brought us Batman, Superman, the Sandman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, and countless other amazing characters and stories.

And now, Niki and I are working for them!

Zuda offers an interesting twist on how comics are chosen to be published.

Sort of like “American Idol,” readers get to choose their favorite. So over the course of November, anyone can read “In Maps and Legends” and VOTE. Just log into the site after you create a user ID, read all ten comics (we have some amazing competition), and click the VOTE button for just one comic — the one you think is the best.

Here’s a quick tutorial on voting at the Zuda site  (the site’s a little daunting the first few times you visit). You can also add an image for our comic to your own website, like this one:

In Maps & Legends

So yeah, please check it out, read some great, free comics, and decide which one you like best for this month. The winner gets to continue writing their comic.

Because if you read to page 8 of our comic, we totally leave you with one doozy of a cliffhanger!


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