Gratuitous Dog Photo Posting

I just couldn’t resist — here’s Whit, recently returned from his adventures in being lost, followed by his day at the Doggy Spa (note the sporty new bandanna!):Whit Returns! Aaaahhh…

And now, back to reading mystery stories for my upcoming anthology and worrying about the bleak state of human nature from those stories… There’s a reason I waited ’til last to read these. (Some good stuff in there, just a little overwhelming to read ’em all at once).

4 thoughts on “Gratuitous Dog Photo Posting

  1. I know your heart was in your flipflops, thinking he might be gone forever. There’s a dog-sized puzzle piece in your heart and when it’s gone, the resultant hole leaves you sad and misshapen.

    At least, that’s how I feel, without Jasmine to trip over in the mornings, greeting me at the door in the evenings and generally being part of the family.


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