And now a message from the Dept. of Commerce…

ebooksAfter doing some research, checking out some other writers’ pages, and re-reading contracts (bleah), I finally got around to setting up my online Store.

It’s not much right now — mostly a collection of links for my books and some reprints of my stories — but once things get rolling, I hope to be able to let interested readers buy more than just older stories and regular books directly from I’m trying to get more of my work available on the Kindle so that you can download it and start reading Right Away.

Gunning for the BuddhaMy short-story collection, Gunning for the Buddha, will soon be available on the Kindle, once the Amazon elves finish doing their magic to the files I sent them. But you can find some of the stories from that collection at my Amazon page or some other places as individual downloads.

So instead of getting the whole album, you can download a single, for now, just like music on iTunes (though buying the whole collection in the Kindle version is WAY cheaper).

In the meantime, check out the links, and if you want something free, go here. Enjoy!

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