Lost and Found. Mostly Found.

This morning I put the finishing touches on a brand-new story called “Finder.” This is a momentous occasion, because that means I’ve written two new stories this year, which is equal to my total story output from the past three years, I think. Guess I’ve been busy working on novels. Or something.

This one was a challenge to myself to write something completely different from anything I’ve done before. I had a handful of stories ideas to choose from, but all of the other ideas I had were related to my novels, somehow. I really wanted to write something new and unconnected.

So I wrote a mystery. I don’t read a ton of mysteries, mainly because I don’t want to read about fictionalized crimes in a world chock full of real, heinous crimes. And it seems like most mysteries deal with a death. I didn’t want to write about anyone dying. So I figured out a way around it.

And in the process, I created two very fun characters that I’d kinda like to see again. One’s a private eye, and the other one is… someone very, very unique. For one, he tends to eat. A lot.

And on his first “case,” our guy eats some of this:

Alpo, not just for dogs...Ewww. And that’s not the worst thing that happens in the story. But it’s definitely the grossest. Well, except for the vomiting. There is that

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this one. Now, I gotta run to the PO to mail it off (can I just reiterate how much paper submissions suck? Email subs are the way to go, man!). And I owe a great big beer to fellow author Lee Capps for his speedy and insightful feedback. Thanks, dude.

Happy reading, and happy eating!

2 thoughts on “Lost and Found. Mostly Found.

  1. What a nice surprise! I don’t remember you talking about this story. It sounds good! Hope it goes a long way for you! Keep it up!!


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