Done. Again.

Just closed up Scrivener, the software I use to write the drafts of my novels and stories. Done with that sucker. At least for today — I finished adding the last of my edits, at last. What a painful process that was, peering at my single-spaced, marked-up hard copy.

But the book is DONE. Again, for the nth time.

Now, to write a synopsis and a cover letter that capture in as few words as possible, all 70,000 words in the novel.

Piece of cake.

4 thoughts on “Done. Again.

  1. It occurs to me that it might have been easier if you were able to read your notations out loud with an amanuensis at the keyboard to type the additions and corrections (and so forth). Glad to hear that you made it through to the other side. Enjoy your cake!


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