Guess what I just got done reading!

What’s that? What book has got you so excited, you ask?

Um. Well, my own. Just finished reading my single-spaced, double-sided printout (save those trees) of my young-adult, contemporary fantasy novel set in Dubuque, Iowa, entitled A Sudden Outbreak of Magic. I scribbled all over the pages, crossed out sentences, added notes in the margins, even drew a picture or two.

The pen is still smoking, just a bit...
The pen is still smoking, just a bit...

No, no Post-Its were harmed in the reading of this manuscript.

Well, not that many of ’em.

I was happy to note that as I hit the middle of the book, instead of getting caught up in that classic middle-of-the-book crud that many books have, I felt like my book just started to pick up speed.

I’m glad I spent all that time reworking that section especially — it’s a lot of fun. I’ve got stuff exploding and flying off into space, sonic booms, river hijinks, gamblers losing their cookies… What else could you want from a book?

Oh, and there’s a dragon, too. In Dubuque!

And best of all, my protagonist Kelley really came alive in this read-through, and I made all sorts of notes and tweaks that will really make her shine. Because when it all comes down to brass tacks and stuff like that, it’s all about her voice.

And now, after I bang out a cover letter and a synopsis… I’m thinking sequels.

19 thoughts on “Guess what I just got done reading!

  1. WOOOOO! Congratulations, Mike! I love how the first page looks all marked up like that. I do my revisions mostly on screen and they never look that cool!

    N00b question here — you still do a query letter when you have an agent?


    1. Hey Jenn – thanks! I wish I did revisions on-screen for the final read-through, to save time and trees, but I miss stuff on the screen that I can catch on paper. Plus it’s nice to sit in my big chair and read vs. stare at the monitor some more…

      I’m putting together a query/cover letter to help my agent when she puts together her pitch letter, which is more or less the same thing. I probably don’t have to, but I’m a bit of a control freak that way!


  2. Awesome! Congrats. The book is going to rock! I do the same thing with my comic pages, actually– print them out and circle all the things I want to tweak visually.


    1. Thanks! I hope you’re right about the “rock” part. πŸ™‚

      I have printouts of a certain eight pages sitting right here on my desk — four different versions of ’em, actually!


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