And now it’s August; what’s up with that?

So, another month has flown by. The weeks seem to go zipping by at the same rate that days used to go past. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s keeping up with the two youngsters and the day job, while getting up early most mornings to get some of my own stuff done.

Or maybe the Earth is spinning just a bit faster these days — wouldn’t that make time pass faster? (Okay, I had to check, and yes, faster-spinning Earth makes for faster-passing days. Maybe I can blame global warming!)

In any case, July was a busy month — I got a lot of writing projects done, though not as much work on my novel as I’d planned. But I’m okay with that, since Elizabeth and the boys are going to be gone for five days at the beach this coming week, and my plan is to get caught up with my fixes to the last pesky 85 pages or so of that book. Then I need to read it over one last time, and send it out there…

I actually wrote a couple stories in the meantime, and did some fun work on a new Secret Project (which is really a reworking of an old project, but enough about that, otherwise it won’t be a secret!). I really enjoyed stretching my brain in different ways, working in other formats other than novel chapters. Always good for the brain to be exercised properly.

And I did some figuring, and if I sell all four stories, I could make almost $4,000! How sweet would that be? Not holding my breath, but it would be cool if my story about the guys in the band from the early ’90s (Basskick in Holy Cross, Iowa!) would win the Esquire Fiction Contest… 🙂

What I didn’t do was much jogging. Only 6.27 paltry miles. Sheesh. I need to get back on that, even if it’s hard getting out at 5 or 6 a.m. to do it (that’s the only time I can do it). When I get a good jog in, I always feel better, but I hate the time it takes — usually about 45 minutes from the start to the cooldown. I’d like to put in a request for a 25-hour day, please.

I did tweak my Amazon Author Page so it’ll pick up this blog, so at some point I’ll be offering up some stories and maybe a book or two for sale on the Kindle. Also, I set up my first discussion there at the site to hopefully get folks to drop by. First topic? “What are you reading RIGHT NOW?” Click on over to see what I’m reading and share what book’s on your list at the current moment. Do it! Do it now!

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