Tuesday Media Catch-Up

Movies we’ve seen recently: “Tropic Thunder,”  “Choke,” “Twilight,” “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” and “Cloverfield”

We’ve been getting caught up on our movies, it seems. At last. Before the movie blitz, we’d been doing a ton of reading. Actually, now that I think about it, we may have been better off with the novels than the vids.

None of those five flicks did much for me (is it just me, or are the Harry Potter movies poorly paced right up until the last 10-15 minutes or so?), though it was good to see “Twilight” so I could see what all the hubbub is about. And, being a guy, I still really don’t get it. It is so a teenage girl thing — the perfect guy who’s hot for you, but doesn’t dare love you for fear of losing control. Oh yeah, that. I had that problem all the time in high school with the ladies…

I was especially disappointed in “Choke,” which was just a mess, and “Tropic Thunder,” which was way too long and not nearly funny enough. And man, “Cloverfield” — can you say “Waste of a cool idea?” Also, I was kinda happy to see those self-important, pretensious yuppies get chomped by the monster.

Movies preferred by Drew for repeated watching: “I Love Toy Trains 4” (on VHS!) and anything Fireman Sam. My eyes!!! My ears!!!

Movie preferred by Mitch for repeated viewing: “Memo! Meeemo!” (also known as “Finding Nemo”). I can handle this one better, but… Whew. The kid is addicted.

Music stuck in my head: Songs from Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” (I blame the final credits of “Twilight” for this, but in a good way; also, the final credits to “Choke” had another Radiohead song). I’m checking out more of Radiohead’s music now. They’re weird and unique and experimental, and I like ’em.

Other media: I’m also reading a Richard Russo novel, which is hilarious in his usual style (this is the third one I’ve read by him, and there’s a little same-ness to it), checking out the comics at the Zuda site, researching editors who edit YA and middle-grade fiction (here’s a great site, with interviews!), and plugging away at my novel now that I finished off a new short story and revised and sent off another story. And there’s always that Secret Project…

Lots of fun stuff going on, and I feel like I’m filling my creative well and just barely keeping up with everything else. I really wish I didn’t have to sleep. I mean that! There’s too much to do and discover.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Media Catch-Up

  1. Reading your last paragraph is such a neat way to start my day! Talk about a positive attitude. Helps me with my new venture.


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