That was kinda fun…

First it was the Secret Project (which has been shaping up quite nicely, thanks to my ultra-talented collaborator), and then it was this contest, which just called out to me to write something for it. Maybe I was just looking for a reason to put off work on my YA novel once again (no, not me!), but I’ve been having a ball with some side projects right now.

And I just finished the rough, rough draft of the story for the upcoming contest, which has a deadline of August 1st. One week from today. Yeah, I do love me some tight deadlines.

This story was the idea that got the most votes in my very informal poll way back in January. These things take time, apparently… It was great going back to tell the story about what happened to the band called Basskick, after their wild tour of eastern Iowa in 1992.

I “wrote” the first draft of it Thursday morning on my drive to work, by telling the story to my iPhone. I recorded four voice memos using my phone, for about 15 minutes worth of story. Then I sat down and put my ear buds in and transcribed the story. I added some odds and ends, tweaked the ending, but for the most part, I didn’t change much of what I’d said into my phone. That was pretty cool. I think I nailed my narrator’s voice.

And now I can get back to chapter thirteen of my YA novel. And more reading for my workshop this fall. And the final tweaking of the Basskick story. And yard work. And playing with the kids. And laundry. And… etc. 🙂

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