Tips for Having an Adventure

My twenty-year-old niece visited us this past weekend and was brave enough to babysit Mitch and Drew (thanks again, Beth!) before she flew back to the Midwest for a week. Then she comes back for more adventures in North Carolina. And yesterday, my nephew turned 18! Holy cow, and happy birthday, Brandon!

It all reminded me about the way I was at that age, and how I could’ve used some advice about getting the most out of life and not being afraid to try new things. So of course, I had to put together a list!

Here are my Tips for Having an Adventure (at any age!):

  1. Consult a map to get the general lay of the land, then toss it in the back seat. You can use it later, but don’t be afraid to drive around, see the sites, and maybe even get lost. You’ll find your way back out.
  2. Talk to a stranger. Not the weird, creepy strangers you might see on a darkened corner, but people maybe in the same restaurant or street you’re on, people doing something interesting too.
  3. Pack a snack and some drinks. But don’t overpack. You’re going to want to get out and try the local food.
  4. Always get the specialty at a restuarant — the dish the place is famous for. Or if they don’t have a famous dish, as the waiter for his or her favorite one. And always, always try the beer brewed there.
  5. Step outside of your comfort zone and go places by yourself. Eating alone at a restaurant isn’t bad at all if you have a good book or magazine to read.
  6. Go to a show or concert or reading someplace you’ve never been.
  7. Go somewhere with someone you’ve never done much with in the past, and get them to talk about themselves.
  8. Ask questions. Be an inquisitive reporter about human nature, and realize that each person you meet holds an amazing depth of knowledge on this topic.
  9. Make a list of the 100 things you want to do in your life, and then make a plan to achieve these things. Include crazy stuff. Aim high.
  10. Never settle. Be happy but not satisfied. Be content, but always restless. Learn all you can, because you’ll find out that there’s always much, much more to learn.

Now… what have I left out? Let me know in the Comments section!

12 thoughts on “Tips for Having an Adventure

  1. I love the adventure tips! My personal summation of #10 is, “Be content, but not complacent.”

    The only tip I would add is, Understand that not every decision is For Life. It’s okay to throw yourself into something, only to later discover it’s not what you thought it would be, because regardless of what you learn, that experience will enrich your life.


    1. Oh yeah, I like that β€” content, not complacent. Complacent is bad, almost dangerous, really.

      I need to follow your tip β€” it’s a good one. I tend to hold myself back too much, and not just throw myself into something that I enjoy doing or want to achieve.

      Thanks, Rachel!


  2. Great Tips, Mike!
    I have found some of the most interesting and best eating establishments by asking the locals which restaurants they would suggest. Some of these places I would never have gone into without their reccomendations and would never have enjoyed such good food. The waiters and waitresses are also good people to talk to if they aren’t too busy. Same for flight attendants.


    1. Oh yeah — that’s a great tip, to go where the locals go. I remember that place we went to at the beach (Hatteras) that looked terrible on the outside, like a shack, but had great food (if I remember correctly!).

      Funny how a lot of my tips dealt with eating or drinking…!


  3. I agree with you Mike. I tend to hold back, not try the “dangerous” stuff.
    Someone told me just an hour ago that I am in the wrong business and should be doing landscaping. As much as I would love to there is always that fear of failure. Fear is our worse enemy!
    Last night for Brandons birthday we ate at one of those “dive” like places in Kieler, WI and it was one of the best meals we have ever had.
    Now I am getting chatty!


  4. 10 A) Ignorance is bliss. πŸ˜‰

    You are a constant reminder to me that I need to be more goal-oriented. I need to write down some goals and steps on how to accomplish at least two of them πŸ™‚

    You are also a constant inspiration to me!


  5. One thing that I do is carry a sketch pad. It’s amazing how many people you meet that way. They want to strike up a conversation starting with what are you drawing? A writing pad works pretty well, too.

    BTW, I can’t draw a lick. It’s just a way for me to get my eyes to look at a scene a different way, focus on something unusual.

    I’ve met a lot of unusual and interesting people that way, though that wasn’t my original intention.


  6. I have always wanted to do …pretty much anything. I work, come home, watch tv and take care of my son. I wish I could live like you people on here, truly. I have come top feel like my life is ruled by half attempts and failures, I wonder how I can get started with the life I feel I deserve. Anyone have any advice?
    Thank you,


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