And just like that, June was done!

Man, what a busy month June was, and overall, it was a pretty good one. I started to get back on track with some morning jogs and even more mornings spent working on my writing, so that made me happy.

There was also a birthday in there (I am officially Old) and an anniversary (twelve years for Lizzie and me!) and Father’s Day (a silly holiday, I think), a trip to the beach and all sorts of other busy and fun stuff going on.

My plan was to finish my YA novel by the end of June, but it turned out that I had more work to do than I expected. I’m cool with that — the book is really going well, and I’m happy with what I hope will be the final set of revisions I’ll need to do to make it the book it needs to be. It’s always fun to figure out how to tell the story best, and I think this version is doing that. At last!

I also read three and a half novels in June. This, for me, is amazing. The workshop I’m going to in October has a 12-book reading list, and I’m 1/3 of the way through it. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed all the books I’ve read so far, and very surprised at how fast I’ve been reading. It’s been a blast, and a good reminder of why I love reading fiction.

I didn’t make my goal of 25 miles jogged, but I almost hit 14 miles. But I’ve got the bug now, and I’m definitely going to stay with it. I’d like to jog every day, but right now I’m doing it every other day until I get in better shape. Still doing my crunches and push-ups, too.


Come to think of it, I’m sticking to my goals from early June pretty well. Not 100% there yet, but way better than I was just a month or so ago. And I’m feeling pretty darn great, I must say. Bring it, July.

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