Things done so far today:

  • Scrolled through a ton of tweets on Twitter
  • Disabled, then ininstalled TwitterFox
  • Did 50 crunches, forced myself to do 25 pushups
  • Drank a big mug of joe
  • Typed in my hardcopy edits for chapter one of the YA fantasy book
  • Stressed about how frickin’ long it’s taking me just to get through the opening three chapters of the YA fantasy book
  • Checked out Facebook, briefly (I am weak)
  • Sent a couple texts to Elizabeth upstairs
  • Downloaded and reinstalled TwitterFox
  • Went for a NICE mile-and-a-half jog, after it stopped raining
  • Walked Whit the Wonder Pup for a cooldown
  • Gave the twelve-year-old Wonder Pup his Rimadyl for his aching joints
  • Made my lunch
  • Brought Lizzie more coffee and Drew some juice while he was playing games on the iPhone
  • Got Mitch outta bed
  • Showered
  • Threw together breakfast on the go for Mitch and Drew (and Lizzie — yay for cereal bars and frozen waffles)
  • Helped load the kids in Lizzie’s car — she drops off and I pick up
  • Had breakfast
  • One more mug of joe
  • Then out the door at 8:30

See why I need to get up at 4:45 a.m.?

(I thought it’d be fun to write all this down, so in like ten or twenty years, when the Internet is some sort of implant in our brains and we can read old journals by blinking twice, it’d be fun to see how I used to spend my mornings back in ’09, when the boys were little squirts. Thanks for indulging me!)

9 thoughts on “Things done so far today:

    1. Jenn — it’s not really THAT much. A lot of the computer goofing off stuff is stuff I need to not fiddle with when I’m so short on time. It’s a little crazy how much time I spend avoiding work…

      Also — remember, I’m a morning person! 🙂


  1. Awesome! I can just see him sitting there listening to you tell the story. Has he seen the movie yet? Oh and by the way I just woke up. Your crazy!


  2. Pretty impressive list.
    Here was my list for the morning:
    -up at 5:15am
    -packed a few items for our “hotel night” tonight
    -kissed hubby good-bye
    -folded a load of towels
    -vaccumed basement
    -fed and watered dogs
    -Facebook, yes I too am weak!
    -off to work at 6:15

    PS were you sexting Lizzi??


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