Rolling with it

Maybe I caught a little bit of that mythic “runner’s high” this morning. Maybe I was just in the zone for a while, thinking about something other than “how much farther until I can stop jogging?” Maybe I’m just starting to roll with the whole jogging thing, at last.

In any case, this morning I started working on my novel while I was jogging, which was awesome. I set out with the ending to chapter two still up in the air, and I told myself I needed to figure it out while I jogged. And I came up with a couple cool details that’ll help me finish off the chapter in a much more logical way than I’d planned.

After an hour of tweaking, the chapter’s re-drafted. I just need to make one more pass at it to remove typos and extra flabby bits. Sweet.

And as luck would have it, I got back in time right before the rain hit. Now all our plants and bushes in our back yard that my parents and my niece helped us transplant (thanks, guys!) are soaking up some more rain and hopefully making plans to grow tall.

Sometimes it pays to wake up at 4:30 a.m. 🙂

(I’m at 6 miles jogged for June, by the way — gotta pick up the pace!)

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