Simple wishes are the best…

If you would’ve asked me what I wanted for my birthday 5, 10, 20, or even 30 years ago, I never would’ve responded with: “Playing putt-putt.”

But that’s really all I want to do for my 39th birthday tomorrow, so long as Drew and Elizabeth and Mitch can join us. Well, Mitch, being 1.5, may be a bit of a challenge on greens. But Drew, our four-year-old, loves miniature golf.

Drew PuttsSo we’re going to check out the best places to play putt-putt tomorrow. And maybe check out the farmer’s market. Or hit the neighborhood pool for the first time all summer.

It’s all WAY more fun than hitting the night clubs and drinking and partying until late at night. Not that I’ve ever done that, especially not on my birthday. At least not that I can remember…

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