MayNoWriMo, Day Eight

MayNoWriMo! One of the things I really like about a challenge like MayNoWriMo is that I’m forced to think about my novel even on days where I’d rather be lazy. This week has been bad as far as getting up to write, and today was yet another sleep-in day. Which leaves me with no other time during the day to write other than late at night, and it’s hard for me to feel much creativity or motivation at 8:30 at night…

What did I learn today? Thinking about your writing counts, on some days. Can’t be every day, but some days it’s okay…

50700 words for The World's All Nations novel!

In other news, sorta writing-related…

This is what the front of our driveway looks like today:

The Mulch Fairy visited!

No, a dinosaur did NOT take a dump on our driveway — that’s 20 cubic yards of mulch, my friends! The good stuff. Can’t wait to start hauling it away, one wheelbarrow-load at a time. We have some flower beds that are in serious need of some mulching. Luckily, we’re splitting the load, and the cost, with a couple of neighbors, otherwise all that mulch would be like too much turkey after Thanksgiving. We’d be putting mulch on EVERYTHING.

So that was one big purchase we’ve been waiting a while to get. But at last, at last, I got my final installment of my advance for A Gathering of Doorways, so I’ve been plotting ways to spend that cash. There’s not a lot there in my little advance installment, but it’s fun to go a little crazy (though as I said yesterday, a good chunk of that book money is going to pay down the ol’ credit card).

The other big-ticket item I’ve been wanting to buy for years is one of these:

The Let's B chair -- whoooeeee!I’ve been doing research on ergonomic office chairs for a while now, and while the Aeron is nice, and some of the other gadgety-looking chairs might be more comfy in the long run, this one was the most affordable, with the best options. And you don’t have to have an engineering degree to operate it.

I stopped at the local Storr office today, and got an estimate on one. Once I consult with my interior designer (aka Lizzie), and we decide on the right fabric type, I’ll place the order! Sweet! No more aching back!

And the best part about the new chair is that every time I sit in it to write, I can think about how my writing paid for that chair. Nice.

9 thoughts on “MayNoWriMo, Day Eight

  1. I was about to say that you better watch out for the neighbors with the mulch out like that….. haha. Hope you like your new chair!! Love ya!


  2. I just showed the photo to Max telling him the dinosaur story. Max was speechless for an entire minute which is as rare as dinosaur poop in Raleigh 😉

    Nice Let’s B chair!


  3. I suppose it’s too late to mention that shoveling mulch is much like shoveling snow and both are hard on your back. Ah, when the mulch hits the fan, then it’s time to take cover and relax. Bet your plants will enjoy the mulch-needed gift.


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