MayNoWriMo, Day Seven

MayNoWriMo!Ugh, not a productive day at all, though I did slap together some odds and ends for the final scene of chapter 10. Still having trouble finding time (and energy) to sit down and write.

What did I learn today? Nuthin. I gots nuthin!

Although I did get my FINAL installment of my advance for A Gathering of Doorways, so I am temporarily flush with cash. I’m gonna go look for an office chair tomorrow. The rest of my (small) advance chunk is going to prop up Citibank, as I’m still paying off my dadgum credit card bill, which has shrunk to a fraction of its original amount this year. Sweet. Almost done paying off that albatross hanging from my neck…

50700 words for The World's All Nations novel!

2 thoughts on “MayNoWriMo, Day Seven

  1. Almost have that card paid off. Good for you! It’s such a feeling of relief to get a statement that says “0” balance. And to know that they aren’t suddenly going to raise your APR or slap on some unforeseen “service” charge. As if they were providing a real service, sitting back in their offices, raking in the profit. Money “works”? I laid a dollar bill on the desk and it didn’t do a dad gum thing all day.


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