MayNoWriMo, Day Five

Okay, now that I’ve gotten back into the swing of writing every day, even if it’s just a little bit here and there, the ideas are coming more easily. And I’m having more fun!

Wrote a bit this morning to finish off chapter nine (a chapter I’d been staring at with contempt and disdain, a.k.a. the “ol’ stink-eye,” for all of last week). And I love what happened when I got to the last line. Something one of the characters said will totally tie together the new ending that I plan on writing by the end o’ the month. That’s really sweet when that happens.

And I’ve got some more stuff I want to add tonight to chapter 10, so expect another update… 🙂

MayNoWriMo!What did I learn today? Don’t forget to give your protagonist an attitude. Don’t let people walk all over him or her. There’s a part in this chapter where George, my protagonist, could’ve just wilted like a flower (or bolted out the door), but he got pissed instead, and stood up to the people trying to intimidate him. As a result, the chapter got WAY more interesting, and I got to show the reader more insight into his personality and what makes him tick.

47200 words for The World's All Nations novel!

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