MayNoWriMo, Day Four

After some piddling around (notice a pattern here?), I added two pages to the end of chapter nine, and now I need to decide if I want to add more there. My guess is Yes, if I’m still wondering. I think I need a bit more, as my hero’s house is currently filled with… ghosts!

MayNoWriMo!What did I learn today? The delete key, while scary, can be your friend. Still, your best bet is to just hit as many keys as possible, and not get hung up on those old words.

46400 words for The World's All Nations novel!

UPDATE: Added some more words to the final scene of chapter nine. Cool stuff (had the idea while I was giving Mitch his bottle tonight)!

47100 words for The World's All Nations novel!

2 thoughts on “MayNoWriMo, Day Four

  1. One of the hardest things for me is deleting a scene I really, really like. The one that rings in my ears and thumps with every beat of my heart. But I have to excise it from the ms and put it back in the “someday” folder, because it just doesn’t work for right here, right now. Sigh.


  2. Oh yeah, I can relate to that. I try and save those, even if I have to remove them from the current project. Then I can at least post some or all of it here, after the book is bought (we all hope) and use it as PR. 🙂


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