MayNoWriMo, Day Two

Got off to a slow start today, thanks to being up late last night and piddling around on the web before getting down to the business of polishing off chapter 9. This chapter sets up one of my bits for the ending — Jiang and his detailed scrolls of each game. A scorecard, but it’s in Chinese. Have to figure out how to work that for when George heads to Cuba with them at the end of the season… Who’s gonna translate?

And speaking of Cuba, we’re one chapter away from the trip there. I think I’m about over the hump of this middle section.

MayNoWriMo!What did I learn today? Let the characters do the talking. There’s no such thing as too much dialog, at least not in the first draft. That’s where you really learn what’s going on in a scene. Deleting’s much easier to do than adding new stuff.

46200 words for The World's All Nations novel!

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