Tag, You’re IT

This is another one of those topics that probably are only of interest to ME, but hey, that’s why I have this Web site and journal, right?  This is something I’ve been meaning to do in the past half-year or so, ever since I moved to this site, but I finally finished it — all my journal entries are now tagged!

What is he talking about? you may be asking. Tags are a way to organize your various journal topics, and in the case of the “theme” I’m using with this site, I can list all my tags as a “tag cloud”. Look down the right-hand side, near the bottom, where it says “Favorite Topics.” Since I can have multiple topics/tags in one journal entry, I have quite a list o’ tags.

What’s cool is:

  1. You can click a tag to get a quick list of all entries about that topic
  2. The font size for the topics I tend to write about the most slowly get bigger

So if you peek down there, you can see what areas I tend to blather on about in this ol’ journal of mine. I told you, this was probably only interesting to me, but hey, now I have tagged journals going ALL the back to January 2008!

And next, to figure out WordPress categories and how best to use them… Ah, nevermind!

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