Tag, You’re IT

This is another one of those topics that probably are only of interest to ME, but hey, that’s why I have this Web site and journal, right?  This is something I’ve been meaning to do in the past half-year or so, ever since I moved to this site, but I finally finished it — all my journal entries are now tagged!

What is he talking about? you may be asking. Tags are a way to organize your various journal topics, and in the case of the “theme” I’m using with this site, I can list all my tags as a “tag cloud”. Look down the right-hand side, near the bottom, where it says “Favorite Topics.” Since I can have multiple topics/tags in one journal entry, I have quite a list o’ tags.

What’s cool is:

  1. You can click a tag to get a quick list of all entries about that topic
  2. The font size for the topics I tend to write about the most slowly get bigger

So if you peek down there, you can see what areas I tend to blather on about in this ol’ journal of mine. I told you, this was probably only interesting to me, but hey, now I have tagged journals going ALL the back to January 2008!

And next, to figure out WordPress categories and how best to use them… Ah, nevermind!

1 thought on “Tag, You’re IT

  1. What’s weird is if you click a tag at the bottom of one of my entries, it takes you not to MY tagged entries, but to ALL entries with that tag out there in the world of WordPress.


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