Three books left!

All right, I’ve had some great responses to my recent giveaway announcement, and I wanted to post a quick update — I’m willing to give away three more copies of my SF novel to any interested party. All I ask is you either read the book and post a review at Amazon, or give the book to someone you think might dig it. I’ll sign it and add any personalization you want, PLUS pay for shipping it right to your doorstep.

I really must be outta my mind.

The madness stops April 1st or while supplies last… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Three books left!

  1. Wow — we didn’t make it to April Fools Day. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, all the freebie copies of the Wannoshay novel have been snatched up. It’s all over but the mailing… Cool.


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