Snag a free, signed-by-the-author book. Free!

Free books? Did someone say free books?

The Wannoshay Cycle (cover by Alan M. Grant)
The Wannoshay Cycle (cover by Alan M. Grant)

Okay, now that I’ve hooked you — here’s the deal.

Five Star Books, who published my science fiction novel The Wannoshay Cycle (not to mention my pseudonymously written romance/mystery novel with ghosts entitled Heart’s Revenge) were getting ready to “remainder” my Wannoshay novel.

You see, Five Star does very small print runs — my two books got 1,000 copies made each — and the Wannoshay Cycle sold almost all of the one thousand copies (there were only 90 left! That’s good, but not GREAT numbers). And warehouse space for holding books isn’t cheap.

So they made me a deal to buy the books dirt cheap — less than $5 a copy. So I bought 25 copies, just because, well, they’re my books! My first novel! How could I not buy ’em at that price. Of course, I don’t have space for them all, but I do want to keep a dozen or so on hand.

The deal is this — drop me an email or leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page (there are already 3 books accounted for there!), and I’ll send you a signed copy. FREE. If you’d like a personalized message or something like that, I’d be happy to do so.

All I ask is that you either:

  • write a short review of the book and post it to the book’s page (there are only four there — poor book!), or
  • give the book to someone you think would enjoy it.

Or heck, do both!

I’m willing to send out a dozen books or so, so let me know if you’re interested in a FREE BOOK!

9 thoughts on “Snag a free, signed-by-the-author book. Free!

  1. Michael:

    I’ll take one and happily leave a review.

    Let me know how to send my address information to you more privately. For example, you could shoot me an email address in a livejournal pm, and then I can send my contact information to you.

    Looking forward to it.



  2. Well, we would LOVE to have a copy! And, of course a personal message to THE Dupree family πŸ™‚
    Lots of love to ya’ll! Well, tomorrow is our ultrasound!


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