As Heard on the Radio (if a Radio was the Internet)

I’m about halfway through listening to it, and I’m not cringing as much as I’d feared.

My buddy and fellow writer Jeff Rutherford interviewed me a few weeks back for his new podcast, The Reading and Writing Podcast, and now the interview is live.

You can download the file from his site or subscribe to the podcast with iTunes. I recommend you subscribe, so you don’t miss any of the other great interviews coming your way.

Jeff asked some great questions about reading, especially about my reading early on, and I was surprised at how much those first books have impacted me. I still re-read Tolkien’s books every now and then, and I still think Stephen King is an excellent short-story writer.

Phew. But it’s still hard to listen to my own voice, recorded. Ugh. Huge thanks to Jeff for contacting me about the interview. It was fun!

3 thoughts on “As Heard on the Radio (if a Radio was the Internet)

  1. I listened to it last night, saw the link on FB. I enjoyed it! But then I am used to listening to your voice where you aren’t. LOL
    You amaze me at times, Mike.


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