Circling like a dog with a sore neck

I’ve been really slack about updating lately. Work’s been pretty crazy, and I’ve been having trouble getting back into the groove of writing after finishing up my YA fantasy novel last month. Slowly but surely, I’ve been starting to work on my baseball novel again, and when I’m writing, I tend to have more of a desire to write journal entries. Go figure.

First off, I’ve been meaning to post a link to the most recent blog review of my novel, this time from fellow writer Joya Mannan. Here’s a snippet:

A Gathering of Doorways
A Gathering of Doorways

Even though vampires and werewolves are great, the horror aspect in A Gathering of Doorways is within all the normal things surrounding the Anderson family, which makes the novel, and the horror, so much more real and relatable. You don’t simply get lost in the forest–it pretty much takes you! Each chapter is from the point-of-view of Gil, or his wife, Melissa, or their son, Noah, and I absolutely loved Mike’s ability to differentiate the three voices. Noah’s my favorite!

Thanks for reading and posting your review, Joya. And thanks to for doing a copy-edit a few months back. You caught some good typos on my part!

Next, another writing pal of mine, Jeff Rutherford, has started a cool new podcast called The Reading and Writing Podcast, which focuses on authors and other creative types, and most of all, the emphasis is on reading. The first podcast is with horror author and journalist and filmmake Stanley Wiater. Go take a listen.

And you may wanna subscribe via iTunes — I hear Jeff has some more good authors coming up there soon… Heh.

In other mundane news — stuff that’s been keeping us hopping, believe me — we finally finished up our house refinancing, and our taxes are DONE. Bring on the refund, and hooray for March and NO morgage payment.

My agent had a nice shout-out for her clients this week over at her agency’s blog, and it included a nice little tidbit for my book: FinePrint Client Link Round-Up!

Also, I started reading a kick-ass book this week — Territory by Emma Bull. Only on chapter two, but it’s great so far. Makes me feel all nostalgic for the Deadwood TV show from HBO. But with magic.

And finally, we’ve been having some issues with Whit the Wonder Pup here at the Jasper house. Our almost-twelve-year-old greyhound hurt his neck, somehow, and he seems to have a disc in his vertebrae that’s a bit out of whack. So this past week, he’s been a mess — not eating much, whining and howling, having accidents on the carpet, and walking in circles. Like Zoolander, our poor dog can’t turn right anymore. It’s pathetic, but you almost have to laugh.

Whit, in his healthier days...
Whit, in his healthier days...

We actually thought we were going to have to put him to sleep yesterday, but our vet — yay Dr. Gore — took a good look at him, adjusted his meds, and gave him a pretty good appraisal of his slow recovery. So Mr. Whit gets a reprieve. Thank God — I don’t know how we’d explain all this to the boys… We’re not ready to lose the old man yet.

Okay, enough updates! Got a book to write….

2 thoughts on “Circling like a dog with a sore neck

  1. I’m so glad your dog’s okay. I hope he’s got many more good, healthy days ahead of him!

    And thanks again for letting me read A GATHERING OF DOORWAYS, and for sending me a copy. I’m rereading it, so I’m pimping it out to people whenever they ask me about it. 🙂


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