Box of Books

Fuzzy box of Books

At last — my books arrived! Ten author’s copies of A Gathering of Doorways. Plus another box of three books to sign for Shelly and Jim, Beth, and Brandon.


Actually, after all this waiting, it’s almost anticlimactic. But the books sure do look pretty! I had to grab my cell phone camera and take one of my trademark blurry pictures of ’em… Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Box of Books

  1. Thanks, everyone (it’s been a nutty week, so I’m just now getting caught up).

    And hey — a new low! My number got down to 32,271 today. Neato!

    Yes, I have been checking obsessively, why do you ask???


  2. Hey Mikey! We got our books yesterday!!! I already read the first chapter and am hooked! I like the transitions when you tell the story, like the flashbacks and stuff. It’s not as confusing as LOST! 🙂
    Can’t wait to get further into it!




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