A Tip About Buying Newly Released Books

Now that A Gathering of Doorways is finally available, I thought I’d make it easy for folks to buy it. Here are your online options:

And there’s always your local bookstore — ask ’em to order the book if you don’t see it on the shelf. Raleigh’s Quail Ridge Books has it, as does Durham’s The Regulator.

Finally, author Kris Rusch has excellent advice for people who are thinking about buying a book that just came out. She highly recommends you buy a book the first week it comes out:

If you’re planning to pick up a copy, please do so in the first week (preferably) or the first month, so that the publisher sees lots of movement. (It’s called velocity in publishing terms–and it’s valued almost as much as really, really high sales.)

Just like with movies — if a movie doesn’t sell a ton of tickets that first weekend, it probably won’t be around many more weeks. It’s not as cutthroat with bookselling, but it’s getting that way. So if you think you’d like to read my crazy-ass book, pick up a copy this week, ‘kay? 🙂

Okay, end of the sales pitches. Promise!

5 thoughts on “A Tip About Buying Newly Released Books

  1. Thanks for the article, that definitely makes sense. Will be grabbing my copy and posting that my review, as promised (I wanted to wait ’til it was out to help the buzz machine, 🙂 )


  2. There are 3 books on the way to you as we speak. One is for Jim and I, one for Beth, and one for Brandon.
    Can’t wait to get our signed copies!!!
    Take care.


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