We have a winnner! (And I have a rock ‘n’ roll story to write)

The voters have spoken, and it looks like Basskick rulez! (As if there was ever any doubt about that.)

Out of 17 votes in my very unofficial poll, the opening to my Basskick story got 7 votes, just edging out the story about the guy in his trailer with the dead mice and the tree knocking on his door. I think I just may have to write that mouse story next.

But in the meantime, I’m looking forward to hopping on the Basskick tour bus, a band from Holy Cross, Iowa.

Here’s the original sentence that was too long for the polling widget to fit into one line:

Nobody in town thought the band would ever make it out of our one-stoplight town, but for three months in the summer of ’93, Basskick ruled the bars of eastern Iowa, and we would’ve gone farther if it hadn’t been for the goddamn rain.

Hope none of my seven voters mind if I use the above version… 🙂

That was fun – thanks for playing, everyone. Now, I’ve got some writin’ (and rockin’) to do.

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