Story starters – pick which one I should write…

Now that WordPress has the ability to host polls, I thought I’d try something new. I want to write a new story this week, and I thought I’d throw five opening sentences out there, and let people choose which sentence they’d like to see continue into a story.

Whichever sentence gets the most votes will be the story I write!

UPDATE: Voting has closed, and sentence #5 is the winner, by just one tiny vote. See — voting does work! Your voice can be heard!

Vote early, and vote often!!! Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Story starters – pick which one I should write…

  1. Thanks for voting, people! I’ll “close” the poll tonight around midnight or so.

    Lee – it’s funny, but I didn’t realize until after I’d posted these openings that all but ONE are related to a longer work (novels written or being revised). I guess I haven’t completely broken free of my novel addiction…


  2. Oh yeah — I “read” that book years ago, and even used it when I was teaching creative writing to my 7th graders all those aeons ago. Great book! I like being compared to Van Allsburg (even if it is just one sentence!).

    Thanks for dropping by and voting!


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