Goodbye to the Trusty Word Counter. And, Baby Steps!

Ah, little word counter widget, how I hate to see you go, but you are no longer needed. I’m done with the obsessive counting of words now as I approach the final half-dozen chapters of this book.

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic status

I figure I’ll get through a chapter a day for every day this coming week, so by this time next week, I’ll be done with the rewrite. Then I just need to write a new synopsis, and put together some crazy stuff for books two and three. I’ve got lots of ideas for those books, believe me.

And in more important news, Mr. Mitch learned this afternoon how fun it is to take some steps. And it’s about time, since he just had his fourteen-month birthday a few days ago.

Here’s what happened: Mitch, Drew, and I were playing on the floor with a couple dozen DVD boxes (Drew was picking out a movie for the Sunday Afternoon Video). I’d hold up Mitch so he was standing, then dangle a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD box in front of him. He’d take a couple mad steps toward me, so focused on getting that box that he forgot I wasn’t holding him up. Distraction is 90% of the battle with toddlers, I tell you. He did that about 6 or 7 times before his chubby little legs couldn’t hold him up anymore.

He’s napping now, but when he wakes up, we’re working on walking again. Here’s hoping he can beat his personal best of five steps! Go, Mitchie!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye to the Trusty Word Counter. And, Baby Steps!

  1. Ah, the patter of little feet. And the thump, thump, thump of bigger feet, trying to keep up with them. By the time he’s walking on his own (i.e., no time at all), you’ll have to lace up your running shoes. No rest for the weary.

    Great news on the writing! I’m president of the L.A. chapter of your fan club.


  2. And of course, the little turkey hasn’t shown any interest in walking — or falling — since Sunday. We’ll practice today… in the SNOW.

    Sarah — keep that fan club base expanding!!! 🙂


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