Sneek Peek at the Cover (at last!)

This is just a preliminary design, and some of it may change, and I’m probably not supposed to post it yet, but I’ve been waiting for this for a year now, and the book itself is 3 months overdue, so…

I give you the full cover — front, back, and side flaps — to my book A Gathering of Doorways (the novel formerly known as Sixteen Miles from Everywhere, still my preferred title):


Unfortunately, you can’t read the blurbs and review snippets (if you really want to read ’em, click over to my Reviews page), or the jacket copy, which I think is really slick (see the book page for that). And of course, the author photo, which my neighbor Carrie took (nice work, neighbor, considering the material you had to work with!).

I’ll be sure to post a higher-resolution photo once the cover is finalized. And let’s all cross our fingers for a January 2009 release! I don’t wanna wait another month… đŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Sneek Peek at the Cover (at last!)

  1. Thanks, Mom and Jenn — one of the nice things about working with a smallish publisher is that I got some input on the cover photo. This is the one I liked best out of about three dozen possibilities.


  2. Omg, that cover is so awesome. I love the main image–it’s perfect! That tree is just gorgeous. *_* Can’t wait until we get a release date, too!


  3. Tree and roots have right amount of gnarly brooding scariness about them…eat the forest before it eats you!

    Thanks for quoting me in the reviews. I love the book and I want copies to give as gifts.


  4. Thanks, everyone! I kinda like how Prime, the publisher, does more “literary”-style covers, using photos, instead of illustrations. Maybe that will widen the audience a bit. We shall see…


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